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 Below is a list of links you may find interesting.

Shibashi Website

This website is from the creator of the Shibashi Qigong sets I have added to my classes.  Shibashi means 18 movements.  These are repetitive arm and breathing motions that help range of motion in joints and assists with breathing issues.  All of my students enjoy these sets.  The website also offers a link to instructor workbooks at no charge.

Tai Chi for Health Website

Dr. Paul Lam's website for the Tai Chi for Health organization.  It features links to short videos of the forms; where to purchase DVD's and other training materials; upcoming instructor programs; and the newsletters.

Web MD

Great article on health benefits from tai chi and qigong

Arthritis Foundation webiste

Arthritis foundation is a  good resourse for issues concerning arthritis, balance, muscle strength, etc. 
This link is for a tai chi article.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

An informative book by a member of the Alternative Medicine division of the Harvard Medical School.  Available on Amazon.com